Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Moonlight Mesa Joins True West Historical Society

Long overdue, Moonlight Mesa Associates, Inc. publisher Becky Coffield is now a member of the True West Historical Society.

"It's truly been an oversight on my part. I've just been busy getting the new publishing direction underway, organizing the short story contest, etc. I've neglected some important organizations. I know I'll learn a lot from the members of True West Historical Society, and I hope to make a lot of new friends there," the publisher commented.

Moonlight Mesa also plans on joining Arizona Trail Riders and becoming an Associate Member of Western Writers of America.

"I need to get involved with other organizations and contribute what I can," Coffield said. "It's vitally important that the historical nature of the West be preserved. This particular time in our history is so unique, so adventurous, so outrageous, it would be a tremendous loss for it to fade away, forgotten. It's already relegated to only a few paragraphs, if that, in most school history books. It's who we, who were born in the West, really are."

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