Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Opportunities for Western Writers!


For Immediate Release…


Moonlight Mesa Associates, a small publishing company in Wickenburg, Arizona, now entering its fourth year of business, is moving into a new level and area of publishing. Having been a private publisher for several years, Moonlight Mesa Associates is gearing up to go “public.” In this case, according to owner Becky Coffield, the company is preparing to begin publishing Westerns (as in “cowboy up” type westerns) both fiction and nonfiction sometime this fall.

Moonlight Mesa Associates will be officially starting its new operations later this year and will begin accepting manuscripts at that time. Coffield plans on launching the new operation with a yearly short story contest (Western stories only). Details regarding the contest will be available shortly at

According to Coffield, the company has gone from using online and offset printing to using digital and offset printing offered by Lightning Source. This change enables Moonlight Mesa’s publications to be distributed by Ingram, the world’s largest book distributor.

“I’m excited about this new direction,” Coffield said. “My goal is to become a specialty publisher of Western literature. There’s a small but dedicated audience for these types of books. I think more people are hungering for books that show clear, honest western values. Look at Zane Grey, Louis L’Amour, Larry McMurty. Their books will live forever because they’re exciting, gritty and filled with people and events that are inspiring and memorable. The Western is needed now more than ever to bring some sense of honesty and integrity back. Maybe it was the simple life that’s so appealing. There was just good and bad, and not all this muddling up of values. Bad guys and con men didn’t get government bail outs…they got hanged.”

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