Friday, March 27, 2009

Moonlight Mesa Re-Issues Northern Escape

Moonlight Mesa Associates re-issued the award-winning Northern Escape earlier this month. According to the publisher, the demand for the title climbed dramatically after Death in the Desert was released.

Northern Escape is the first book in the Ben Thomas trilogy, while Death in the Desert is the third and final book. Book two has not been published. "It seemed obvious that Death in the Desert was the next best choice given the crisis along America's southern border," said the publisher. "Death in the Desert more than suggests that the Mexican drug-cartels are being supported by Arab-terrorist groups who are known to have a strong-hold even now in Mexico. The premise is that there will be a Mexican flag waving at the White House without a shot ever being fired."

Northern Escape won in the 2005 Arizona Author's Literary Contest and has been a popular seller, particularly in Alaska, but also elsewhere in the northwest.

"I'm particularly fond of this book," said author R.L. Coffield. "Maybe because it was my first. Maybe because I loved my adventures in Alaska where the book is based. I do love the characters for certain. My goal was to write a book where the 'bad' guy is so nice and basically such a good person that everybody roots for him to get away with the crimes. It worked."
Cover work for both books was done by Vin Libassi; Paula Silici is the editor.

Northern Escape is available at and

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