Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Death in the Desert Realistic to its Core

Those who scoff at the opening scene in Death in the Desert (Moonlight Mesa Associates, 2008/09) depicting Detective Ben Thomas on horseback scouring the Arizona desert for dead drug runners, should turn their attention to a March 31st article in the Arizona Republic:

"On Friday, agents who were patrolling on horseback, east of Douglas, saw a large number of footprints and began tracking them. After following the trail for several hours, agents arrested a group of 80 Mexican immigrants outside of a ranch about 30 miles east of Douglas."

The article goes on to further state, "Fingerprint checks showed 21 men had criminal records, including one convicted of vehicular manslaughter in California."

Death in the Desert exposes the large number of criminals and Arab-terrorists who are daily crossing the border.

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